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Reliable Protection of Consumer Goods

Greater Brand Security with TRUSTCONCEPT®

The OECD and EUIPO have determined that the share of counterfeit goods in world trade has risen from 2.5 to 3.3 percent for the period from 2013 to 2016. In addition to luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, everyday consumer goods – such as shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, and toys – are also affected.

This trend threatens brands that have invested millions in brand building. If counterfeits of inferior quality reach consumers, reputations take an almost immediate hit.


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Brand Protection with TRUSTCONCEPT®

Visual and Mechanical Security Solutions from a Single Source

With TRUSTSEAL® Protect, we give you premium brand protection. Visual security features show the customer that they are buying a branded product. Customs, too, can quickly check these features – as well as the hidden security features. In this way, we effectively protect your goods and assist you in checking alleged counterfeits.

Tamper-evident Packaging:

With a closure seal or security label integrated into the packaging, we protect food, pharmaceuticals, hygiene products, and cosmetics against adulteration and refilling. In addition, our security closures indicate that a package was opened by means of VOID effects.

Digital Trust Bonus for Consumer Goods

With the TRUSTCODE® software, we also support your mobile marketing. The range of applications extends from product information via augmented reality to data analysis and connection to your ERP or CRM system.

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Help your customers identify and authenticate original products by using our TRUSTCONCEPT® security solutions for protection against product counterfeiting. We have summarized all the benefits and possible applications with realistic animations for you.

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