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TRUSTCONCEPT® Security Brands

The Choice Is Yours! Try Our Modular Security Concept

Our TRUSTCONCEPT® modular security solution offers you comprehensive defense options for your product protection. This effectively defends against counterfeiters and gray market activities, and sustainably safeguards your revenues and brand reputation.

TRUSTCONCEPT® intelligently combines analog security printing with digital coding and authentication software: TRUSTSEAL® Protect, TRUSTSEAL® Digital, and TRUSTCODE® – three security solutions that will increase customer confidence in your products. Our modular system, which can be completely customized, allows you to remain highly flexible and decide which tamper-proof features offer you the best protection for your supply chain, depending on the project.

3 Modules for Your Product Security:


Protecting your packaging first


Then securely encrypt product information


Finally, check and monitor digitally

Analog vs. Digital Product Protection

What Are The Differences?

Our modular security concept TRUSTCONCEPT® has three components for your product security: Analog security features, encryption, and security software. On the one hand, it hides printed security features that, through proprietary OVD technology, become tamper-proof security seals for your packaging. On the other hand, with our software applications, we provide you with digital tools with which you can easily analyze your product identification and verify the authenticity of your products. You benefit from TRUSTCONCEPT® from KURZ, as you can always decide individually whether you want to set up a specific product or an entire security package to protect your products.


What Is TRUSTSEAL® Protect?

  • Tamper-proof visual security features with visible or hidden security validation, such as VOID effects
  • Applicable as a security seal or label for primary and secondary packaging
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What Is TRUSTSEAL® Digital?

  • Digital encryption of codings such as QR codes
  • Encryption: Information can only be read out with a special security key
  • Each code is unique and cannot be adjusted
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  • Web-based security apps such as Track & Trace for authentication, verification, and tracking of your products
  • Customizable dashboards make monitoring and reporting easier
  • Easy expansion as a marketing tool
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Visual and Digital Security Features

What Are The Similarities?

TRUSTSEAL® Protect, TRUSTSEAL® Digital and TRUSTCODE® combine a highly reliable security concept – Made in Germany. For you, this means state-of-the-art technology, the highest production standards, and maximum delivery security. It’s a win/win situation! Our focus is on your convenience: By combining our individual modules into a complete package, you save on costs and organizational effort.

And we are not losing sight of the issue of environmental protection either: Our global production facilities are subject to German sustainability standards and already use a large part of green energy for their production. In addition, short delivery routes reduce the burden on the environment, which is positively reflected in your CO2 balance.


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