RFID label by TRUSTCONCEPT® on white packaging

RFID Labels

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Temperature Resistant. Scratch Resistant. Writable and Readable

With TRUSTCONCEPT® RFID labels, you can rely on transparency in monitoring and optimizing your supply chain. An RFID chip not only allows you to reliably identify individual products and packages but even entire pallets. The advantage is obvious: The chips are weather-resistant. This eliminates any business-damaging delays caused by illegible bar or barcode printing. In addition, the RFID labels can be individually written and read. This means that you can easily integrate additional digital security features regardless of the project.

How You Benefit from Our RFID Tags:




Unique chip ID


Smart inventory and storage


RFID integration in labels or packaging


TRUSTSEAL® Protect security hologram


TRUSTCODE® software solutions for tracking and optimizing supply chains

What Are RFID Labels?

In a nutshell: Labels with integrated RFID technology. What’s special about TRUSTCONCEPT® is that we provide you with this authentication tool in the form of a convenient and practical self-adhesive label. We like to make it easier for you to integrate it into your production chain and simplify your day-to-day work. Request a few samples now!

Suitable Products:

  • Paper, plastic, textile, or glass products
  • Packaging
  • Outer packaging
  • Injection molded parts
  • And much more

Suitable Industries:

RFID chip

Added Value through RFID Technology

Our custom RFID labels can be placed on inner packaging, outer packaging, or the product directly. This allows you to automate the physical goods inspection and track the path of your products through production and the supply chain. RFID technology offers you even more added value. In shops, our TRUSTCONCEPT® RFID tags function just as well as anti-theft protection. Warranty claims are also recorded and regulated using the same label – fast and easy via a handheld device.

Read on to find out how to monitor and optimize the supply chain, and discover gray market activities.

Expand Your Capabilities

With the TRUSTCONCEPT® Product Family

RFID labels by TRUSTCONCEPT® for every industry

RFID Labels with TRUSTSEAL® Protect

Combined with TRUSTSEAL® Protect, the security value of your RFID label increases. The security hologram simplifies visual authentication and gives the consumer additional confidence.

Digital data reconciliation for your product authentication

RFID Labels with TRUSTCODE® Software

The information in the RFID chip can be read and digitally verified with our TRUSTCODE® Software. Thanks to the cloud-based solution, this works anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. Offline authentication can also be implemented.

Uncover gray market activities with TRUSTCONCEPT® RFID labels

Track and Trace – and Optimize

The RFID tag is scanned using a handheld device or stationary measuring points. The data is compared with the TRUSTCODE® database and the status of your tracking is added.

Our solution supports the automated analysis of your supply chain – either through your ERP system or our TRUSTCODE® software. This also allows you to manage production capacity and stock levels in real time.

Our smart RFID offering made you curious? Then contact us for a professional consultation about your options with TRUSTCONCEPT® RFID labels.